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FEATURED SINGLE - Charming the Snake

This Americana Soul piece with banjo, fiddle and growling electric guitar surrounds a strong hearted vocal performance. "Charming the Snake” portrays the illusion that you can feed your cravings to attain the happiness and contentment you desire. The snake is our greed, vanity, envy, gluttony, lust, pride…the Devil. The video shows EJ Ouellette in his studio recording "Snake," one of the new singles from his solo album "Conjure Man, Conjure Man."  

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EJ OuEllette to Launch sonic Film

EJ Ouellette’s unbounded creativity has taken him in an exciting new direction – toward storytelling and filmmaking. His goal is to use storytelling and film to enhance his musical creations, and use music to enhance his stories and film creations. 

While writing the song, “Conjure Man, Conjure Man,” EJ knew he wanted to take the concept further. After developing the hoodoo man character, he wrote a series of stories. This led EJ to create a short film as well as an episodic series designed as a TV pilot. The short film, “Conjure Man, Conjure Man,” is the premiere episode of the TV pilot and is slated for launch in early 2017.  


“Working on the Conjure Man project has been a joy and an amazing creative experience. Bringing the Conjure Man character to life has stretched me in many beautiful ways. The short film, “Conjure Man, Conjure Man,” was filmed in New England and represents the talent, dedication and energy of an amazing team. I was thrilled to be part of it!”
— EJ Ouellette
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Waking Sleeping Maggy

by EJ Ouellette featuring Odessa Settles
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